Chicken @ Homer St. Cafe

Homer Street Cafe and BarOn my list of newer places to dine out at, Homer Street Cafe and Bar has been at the top.  Ever since they opened I’ve been wanting to go, but never seemed to get myself organized enough to go.  A couple of weeks ago I finally got the chance! The restaurant is so well done, when you walk in, the decor of the restaurant is inviting and makes you want to sit down and stay awhile.  In the past, I’ve been to many beautifully designed restaurants, only to be disappointed by the food that didn’t live up to the ambiance. So I was a bit wary.

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Food Allergy Infographic..and mustard?

Allerject sent out a newsletter item the other week that included stats about food allergies in Canada. Did you know that mustard is one of the top 10 food allergens?  I had no idea!  I guessed most of the other 9, since I am allergic to 4 out of the 10.  But, I had no idea that mustard was on the list.  Good to know

And on a positive note, overall I am only allergic to 4 out of the 10 food allergens, 40%!   Although I would lump nuts and peanuts into the same bucket, but that’s splitting hairs I guess.  Sounds better in the context of 40% allergic, instead of being 100% allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts.  See,  there is always a positive perspective…

Along with that they also include information on how to identify the symptoms of anaphylaxis, and what to do when faced with these symptoms.

Check out the infographic that I have included below, from the Allerject Website, or visit the website directly (Allerject).


Source: Sanofil Canada:



Date with a Little Bird

Little Bird Bistro

Little Bird Bistro, Portland Oregon

Part II of the Portland posts is a bit late in coming, but I guess it’s better late than never.  My only excuse for not posting sooner is that I’ve been out enjoying the spectacular summer we’ve had in Vancouver.

So what about the food?

I’ll start by saying that Little Bird Bistro is a must if you visit Portland.  Not because it is the sister restaurant to the famous and highly lauded Le Pigeon, but because it is a relaxed bistro style restaurant with delicious food and great service. Continue reading

Allergy Fix?

Would you like to know more about allergies?

A recent episode on CBC’s The Nature of Things that I thought I would share. It discusses the increase of allergies in children as well as the work Allergists are doing to help understand allergies and ways of managing them.   I was really fascinated by some of the studies…such as.. worms? Um…no thanks, I think I prefer to live with my allergies.

In all seriousness though, if you have an hour,  check out this episode of The Nature of Things.  It is very informative and its great that they are studying this and finding a way to fix it. It probably won’t happen in time for me, but its good that allergic kids in the future will hopefully have a better life.

The Allergy Fix – The Nature of Things:



Breakfast with Bacon @ Nel Centro

Just like the food options in Portland are diverse, so is the shopping. From the fancy luxury shops to the outlet mall and everything in between.   I had made a list of the shops that I wanted to visit, but we just didn’t have time to check them all out, 3 days is just not enough!  It wash quite shocking to me that I did not purchase a single thing at Nordstrom.  I was fully expecting to find at least a pair of shoes there, but I was disappointed by the selection.  The downtown Portland Nordstrom store didn’t have much of a selection compared to other Norstrom stores I’ve been to in Seattle and California.

Portland Part 2: Breakfast with Bacon

Nel Centro

Nel Centro, Portland Oregon

The first order of business the next day was brekkie.  Off we went to Nel Centro.  Recommended by my friend, they last time they visited Portland, apparently they dined at Nel Centro more than once, so how coulld we go wrong?

My single most common breakfast order is bacon and some form of hashbrown potato. I know, this is not an exciting combination, to anyone else but me. So my apologies if this is boring, but I can’t resist. Continue reading

Hello Hipster…aka Portland.

Hand Eye Supply - Cast Iron Skillet found!

Hand Eye Supply – Cast Iron Skillet found!

This past June it was time to get out-of-town and go on a mini-road trip.  Not too far away, but not too close either.  This time Whistler just wouldn’t cut it.  So instead of heading north we headed south on Highway 99 and the I5 off to Portland Oregon. City of bridges, roses and Hipster cool. Our plan was to shop, eat and repeat.

My favorite part of Portland, aside from no tax,  was the spectacular (allergy friendly) food! So many great places to eat in Portland, it was difficult to choose just a few places to eat.  We had pre-selected the places that we’d eat because we knew that it would be a hard choice to make on the spot with so many options.

The allergy issue was a concern, as it always is when travelling, but all the restaurants we went to were great with my allergy trifecta.  And with ZERO attitude which was really nice and made the trip extra relaxing. Continue reading